The Restaurant Tour Birmingham

The City Centre Edition

From Digbeth to the Mailbox: nothing but awesome restaurants!

The Restaurant Tour Birmingham
25 February
12:00 - 17:00
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the line-up

The Culinary Stops (Handpicked)

Explore our list of standout restaurants in the city, each chosen for its unique offerings and consistent quality. Experience good food, thoughtful pairings, and the local culinary scene at its best.



6 Spiceal Street
Cozy & Nice

Discover Chaophraya: Your Thai Sanctuary in the Heart of Birmingham

Escape to Elegance: Nestled opposite the iconic St Martins Church in the bustling Birmingham Bullring, Chaophraya isn't just a restaurant – it's a tranquil retreat from the urban hustle. Here, contemporary meets classic, transporting you to a Thai oasis amidst the city's concrete.

A Culinary Journey to Thailand: Spearheaded by the passionate owner Kim and her team of culinary virtuosos, Chaophraya crafts a symphony of flavors. Dive deep into an all-encompassing menu that ranges from timeless Thai delights to unique signature creations. And for our friends with dietary preferences, we offer an array of vegan and gluten-free selections, ensuring every palate is pampered.

Sip & Savor with a View: Elevate your dining experience as you toast with our meticulously curated cocktails, wines, and beers, all while soaking in the picturesque views of the Church of St Martin in the Bullring. Every glance out the window paints a postcard-worthy picture.

Alfresco Ambience: When the British sun graces us with its presence, there's no better spot to relish it than at Chaophraya. Our extensive alfresco dining area beckons, offering an idyllic backdrop for a delightful meal on a warm summer day.

Join Us for the Experience: At Chaophraya, it's not just about a meal, it's about a memory. A blend of warm Thai hospitality, mesmerizing views, and culinary excellence awaits.

Book your ticket with The Restaurant Tour and immerse yourself in a Thai adventure, right in the heart of Birmingham. We're eager to share our story and flavors with you. See you soon!

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Kilo Ziro

Kilo Ziro

Hip & Happening

Kilo Ziro: The UK's Premier Zero Waste Bar Experience

Sustainable Sips: From the visionaries behind The Clean Kilo comes the UK’s first Zero Waste Café Bar & Taproom. Enjoy our unique self-service 'Wine & Fizz Refills' tap wall, showcasing organic wines from eco-friendly kegs, slashing traditional carbon emissions.

Local Craft & Conscious Cocktails: Savor local beers from refillable stainless-steel kegs and indulge in innovative cocktails, crafted with eco-conscious ingredients and methods. Our spirits? Locally distilled and carbon-negative selections.

Day to Night Elegance: By day, a serene spot for locally roasted coffee and delightful bakes, by night, a sophisticated Digbeth gem with art deco vibes. Pet-friendly, it's perfect for any meetup.

Culinary Delights: From cheese platters to a locally curated Afternoon Tea, every bite here supports sustainability and local artisans.

Kilo Ziro offers a blend of sustainability, luxury, and flavor. Dive into responsible nightlife. Cheers to the future!

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Noel's Bar & Restaurant

Noel's Bar & Restaurant

22 Waterfront Walk
Classy & Cool

Noel's Bar and Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Birmingham's city center, offers an extraordinary dining experience. Located beside a beautiful canal, famous in its own right, this establishment is a testament to creativity. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, the menu promises a burst of freshness with a dedication to being the city's premier charcoal grill destination, courtesy of the renowned local butcher, Aubrey Allen.

At Noel's, the commitment to excellence extends beyond cuisine. Craftsmanship is evident in every aspect, from the artisanal pasta makers to the creative and unique cocktails crafted at the bar. It's a place where culinary innovation and a touch of the Mediterranean blend seamlessly to provide a memorable dining adventure. Expect nothing less than a fresh and creative culinary journey at Noel's Bar and Restaurant in Birmingham.

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Chez Mal (Mal Maison)

Chez Mal (Mal Maison)

Wharfside St 1
Classy & Cool

Embark on a culinary journey at Malmaison Bar & Grill, where the art of dining is redefined. Indulge in a menu where prime grass-fed British beef is the star, matured to enhance its full, natural flavor. This stylish fusion grill doesn't just cook food; it celebrates it, with chefs dedicated to creating high-quality, flavor-packed classics and seasonal delights.

Savor the innovation with each dish and let the bespoke cocktails crafted by expert mixologists elevate the experience. Here, contemporary meets classic in a dance of taste and elegance. Malmaison Bar & Grill awaits those with a passion for dining that's both fun and refined. Discover the taste of excellence, where every meal is a moment to cherish.

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We’re still selecting restaurants
We are still busy finalizing the selection. Do you own or work for a restaurant that could make the list? Click here to apply.

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On the map

These are the restaurants you’ll visit

Hear firsthand from those who’ve savored the journey

Voices of Our Culinary Explorers

Olivia H

Oct 10, 2023

Highly recommended!

I can't stop raving about the WijnSpijs Walk in Maastricht! The charm of this historic city, combined with the delectable food and wine pairings, made it an unforgettable day. From cozy bistros to elegant wine bars, each stop was a delight. Highly recommended!


Sep 09, 2023

physical effort

Participating in the WijnSpijs Walk in Arnhem was a unique outing, which had its moments of enjoyment and consideration for someone of my age. I thought the walking aspect required some physical effort. Each restaurant offered a unique culinary dish. Arnhem's blend of history and contemporary charm made the event special.

Simon en Marlijn

Aug 08, 2023

Route Middelburg

Nice locations, eat somewhere you wouldn't normally go. Everything tasted delicious, portions are sometimes a little too big


Jul 07, 2023


A fun, surprising and affordable outing to do (especially with friends). It's a really good concept with the right balance of eating, drinking, chatting and still moving.

Conclusion: Well organised, delicious small dishes with fine wines.

Sofia Bergström

Jun 06, 2023

5 stars

You notice that the restaurants have been carefully selected and it was very worthwhile to experience it once.

Hanneke B

May 05, 2023


Very nice to do on a Sunday afternoon. Nice to get to know new restaurants. All participants did their very best to serve us delicious dishes. All dishes were tasty and particularly innovative.


Apr 04, 2023

Had a good time

Conviviality, delicious food and beautiful wines; who wouldn't want to experience that!

Lara van den B

Mar 03, 2023

So much fun, and good food

The food and wine selections were top-notch. I loved discovering the city's culinary scene one bite at a time. Can't wait to return

Lucas Schmidt

Dec 12, 2022

Hidden gems

The WijnSpijs Walk in Utrecht was a gastronomic adventure! The picturesque canals provided the perfect backdrop for this culinary journey. The food and wine pairings were exquisite, and I discovered hidden gems in the city that I never knew existed. A truly memorable experience!

Liam V

Nov 11, 2022

Passion for wine and food!

All enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a passion for wine and food! It's nice to give as a gift and it's really fun. The service at 1 restaurant was not quite great, so that was a bit of a shame, but the other 5 were perfect.


Aug 08, 2022


Exploring Rotterdam as a tourist was really cool! Love the modern skyline and the innovative architecture. I was very surprised by the food and especially the combinations, we had a really nice time. I was here with my Dutch friends and we are already looking at what our next stop will be. Thanks WijnSpijs!

Janneke M

Apr 04, 2022


Nice change, surprising.

Too bad that Ruimzicht serves in disposable tableware. It seemed like the best to us, but unfortunately. There was also another activity by a male choir. Applause for As usual, a lot of attention for the customer who was really king.
Stretto had a delicious risotto.Mama's was a super nice change! De Zaak is a winner, a big 10! and the Raethuis star in a warm welcome!!

Eva Van der Ven

Feb 02, 2022

pleasure, can't wait to do it again

The WijnSpijs Walk in Amsterdam Oost was a fantastic. Exploring the eclectic neighborhoods and relishing diverse flavors was an absolute pleasure. Each restaurant offered something special. Amsterdam Oost's multicultural vibe and warm hospitality made this event a truly enriching, can't wait to do it again.

Michel bakker

Feb 02, 2022

Delicious food and fine wine

I had the most incredible time on the WijnSpijs Walk in Amsterdam! The combination of delicious food and fine wine was an absolute treat. Each restaurant we visited had a unique and delightful offering. I can't wait to do it again!

S. Hendrix

Jan 01, 2022


The picturesque character of this charming village, combined with the great food and wine: Just perfect. The local hospitality was heartwarming, and I'm thrilled to have discovered this place. I had never been here before, but it was nice to get to know a part of the Netherlands like this

Carlijn J

Mar 03, 2018


The wide range of flavors was perfect. Each restaurant we visited had its unique charm, and the warm welcome from the staff made the day even more enjoyable. I discovered so many new restaurants! I can't wait to return.

Laura van Dijk

Jan 01, 2018

Again soon!

Rotterdam's WijnSpijs Walk was a revelation! The blend of modern architecture and delectable cuisine was a feast for the senses. I loved the variety of restaurants we visited, each offering a unique flavor profile. The organizers clearly put a lot of thought into curating this.